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Dear Future Self, What Did You Rediscover Today?












Mental Illness is not a Sign of Weakness. Low Mental Strength is.

Dear Future Self, it’s okay to encounter setbacks. What matters most is our ability to bounce back from life challenges.🧠💪







Remember the Simple Things that Give You Joy.

Dear Future Self, try living like a kid again even just for a day & you’ll feel Invincible.







Talk and Listen. Be There. Feel Connected.

Dear Future Self, spend time developing your supports in life – your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, community.







Take Care. Eat Well. Sleep. Exercise. Smile.

Dear Future Self, there should always be a ‘Me Time’💆‍♂️😌🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️







GIVE.. Your Time.. Your Words.. Your Presence..

Dear Future Self, let others feel your presence & understanding. Who knows what impact can give that to a person.🧙🏼‍♀️🏃👬🤼👨‍👦‍👦







Get Enough Rest.

Dear Future Self, have you experienced the times that you feel so burnt out 🤯and anxious😟 about everything and the next day after having a good night sleep🛌💤, all these worries magically settles down?🧙‍♂️ Sometimes sleep is all you need😴. It helps you recharge and clarifies your thoughts and the next thing you know, you are now organizing your priorities and solutions of every worries that you had.👍







RELAX. Be Active, Meditate, Garden, Dance, Love, Cook, Sing..

Dear Future Self, do whatever you feel that makes you relax & at peace with yourself 💆⛹️‍♀️🏃‍♂️👨‍🍳🎶💑👭👩‍👧‍👧







Dont Force Someone to Tell Their Story.

Dear Future Self, we have to understand that not all people can easily express and share their problems to others😓







Journal Your Thoughts and See Your Internal Struggles.

Dear Future Self, journaling helped my clients identify their negative pattern of thoughts✍️. It makes them realize that they have filled up the pages with doubts🤷‍♂️, what ifs😕, buts😟, it’s my fault😞 and I can’ts😭. But one sign that they’re near progressing is that they want to throw or burn that notebook of negativity💆‍♀️














Don’t Watch the Clock. Do What It Does – Keep Going.

DFS, It will not always be easy.😩 Sometimes your battery will run out and that’s normal. But as you recharge🔋 and recalibrate yourself, life will keep going🔃. Seeing you getting up 🙆‍♀️ from feeling down 🙍makes people want to follow and make you as their inspiration. Imagine that.🤔







Being Unique Does Not Mean That You Are In The Wrong Path.

Dear Future Self, if you think that you’re not sharing the same life experiences with most of your friends, then CONGRATS👍⭐

✔️You have greater stories to tell.
✔️You have advanced learnings.
✔️You have already went through the challenges which they have not.
✔️You have more relevant wisdom which you can share once they start experiencing concerns about their life.
✔️You feel more matured and more than ready to acknowledge difficult life situations.

With this, make sure that you stay optimistic😊, patient💆‍♀️, hopeful✊band confident🤓 that you can pass these struggles and complications you’re facing right now.







Reward Your Achievement No Matter What the Size Is.

Dear Future Self, if rewarding your every achievement makes you breathe and live everyday, then so be it. An advise for others: never judge a person’s success no matter how small we think it is. This ‘small’ success might be one of his stepping stones of growing and by belittling it, we can crush someone’s struggling progress of living his life.







Spend Time with People Who Lift You Up.

Dear Future Self, whenever you feel belittled🗣️, insulted👉 or lambasted🖕 by someone every time when you’re with him or her.. it’s better to stay away from that person. That energy is causing your low self-esteem🙍. After sometime you will regain your self-confidence without you even realizing it💪







Believe in Yourself, and You will Achieve Great Success.

Dear Future Self, the real key to success is to take a path & to stick with it. Embrace, Develop, Share & Honor Yourselves.







Do What You Can. Enjoy What You Do. Move Your Mood.

Dear Future Self, this time Ill be proactive. I should remember that Im in charge of myself..💪







You Are Your Own Master

Dear Future Self, only I have the master keys to open the inner locks. My Brain, My Body, My Choices✊







Dear Future Self, upon request of my clients, here is a list of movies where you can find motivation from🍿🎞️🎥🎟️ Who says finding motivation cant be fun right?✌️







Dear Future Self, here is a list of songs which can help move you 🎧🎶– either by getting up from bed🛌, working out⛹️‍♂️, taking a shower 🚿or going to work🚘







If You’re Not Motivated Enough, then Maybe You Have to Dream Bigger

Dear Future Self, the more I challenge myself, the more Ill grow and see what I can do beyond my limits 💪















If You Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Get What You’ve Always Gotten

Dear Future Self, when somethings not working out, there must be something wrong with what you are repeatedly doing. Remember, you stop growing when you stop learning.







If Someone is Bargaining with You, They are Most Likely Moving Towards a Sale.

Dear Future Self,  if they’re giving time to converse with you, there must be something in you that interest them👌👍







Work-Life Balance Enable Employees to Feel More In Control of their Working Life.

Dear Future Self, allocating specific time for work and play can recharge us from being burnt out from work.







Don’t Get so Busy Making a Living, that You Forget to Make A Life.

Dear Future Self, WORK is just ONE PART of your LIFE👫💏👨‍👩‍👧🤸🤽







When Customers Go to Your Shop to Buy Something, They Prefer to Speak to an Expert on the Product or Service They Are Looking For.

Dear Future Self, make sure to be the person that your customer is looking for. 👩‍🔬👔👓







Get Customers to Like You by Liking Them First

Dear Future Self, people love to be loved. If a person senses that you like him, he will start to like you more.