About - DFS Consulting
Psychological Counseling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Personal Development. Private Individual & Corporate Training, Seminars, Workshops & Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
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DFS Consulting Services

DFS Mission


Empowering individuals as significant members of their family, school, workplace and community.

DFS Vision


Destigmatizing mental health through contemporary and practical approach in education and service.


Providing a safe environment in achieving their full potential and transcending beyond themselves.


Optimizing employee efficiency and business efficacy.

DFS Values



Professional Counseling

Based in Metro Manila, a group of Registered and Licensed Psychologists, Guidance Counselors & Psychometricians, Psychiatrists, Certified Hypnotherapists, Certified Professional Life Coaches, Psychological First Aiders, Mental Health First Responders, Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, Certified Interprofessional Educators, Certified Performance Specialists and Performance Breathing Coaches address various concerns with specialty in handling mental health concerns through individual, couples or group counselling, consultations or therapy.

Seminars & Workshops

Having extensive training in Psychology, specialized with various therapeutic approaches, with demonstrated history of optimizing employee efficiency and management efficacy with expertise of advancing specialized technical solutions on the companies’ competing needs, DFS Consulting extends its services to providing significant instructor-led training & seminars to corporations, schools and other institutions.

Applied Business Psychology

Business is generally run by and for the people. With professional experience working with a number of organizations in different departments, DFS Consulting uses applied psychology in companies, which ensures that businesses reach their maximum productivity and efficiency by understanding the human psyche.

Investing in your Team

As growing companies search for training programs that can help improve their employees’ performance, only a few have reached the verdict that existing paradigms and experience-based knowledge are not sufficient for learning. But what’s missing in their business is a solid understanding of how people think and behave and how they can use this as the ultimate foundation for their success.

Hands On Training

Corporate Training and Seminars offered by DFS Consulting are being evaluated to be more comprehensible, as learners are not just bombarded with textbook concepts, but instead guided by proven psychological methods and techniques and injecting realistic and practical scenarios, leading them to potential long-term improvements.

B2B Partnerships

As a mental health vendor or supplier, we partner with companies to render psychological services to their employees. Healthy individuals work better and more efficiently, increasing the company’s productivity and making our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) a self-generating corporate asset.


Chartered Business Administrator
Certified Professional Life Coach
Registered & Licensed Psychologist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Naturopathic Psychological First Aider
Psychological First Aider