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Signs that You’re in an Abusive Relationship

Signs that You’re in an Abusive Relationship






There are many signs that you are in an abusive relationship. An abusive relationship is where a person exerts power and dominance over the other person, and these abusive behaviors can be in the form of physical, psychological, verbal, or financial ways, and the effects of this abuse on its victims may lead to feelings of isolation, embarrassment, depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, addictions, and injuries (WebMD Editorial Contributors 2020). However, no matter what kind of abuse it is, a person doesn’t deserve to be abused by another person. Here are some signs and information to determine if you are in an abusive relationship (Pietrangelo, 2018):


Signs that your partner is abusing you by controlling and being possessive….

  • If your partner always gives you direct commands on how you should do things around the house and, at the same time, treats you like a child.
  • If your partner controls you financially, by putting your bank account under their name.
  • If your partner monitors all of your everyday routine, errands, and the people you talk to.


Signs that your partner emotionally abuses you and isolates you…

  • By insulting you or calling you names in front of other people.
  • By yelling and being mean to you.
  • By embarrassing you in front of other people.
  • By belittling your accomplishments.
  • By making you feel guilty for doing normal things.
  • By making you feel crazy and making you feel helpless.
  • By demanding your respect.
  • By dehumanizing and keeping you away from your social life, such as family and friends.
  • By doing nothing every time you get hurt or cry.


Signs of an abusive relationship through threats, denial and accusations…

  • Your partner accuses you of cheating on them.
  • Your partner uses guilt by saying you owe them everything or something.
  • Your partner always blames you for causing a problem that you didn’t do.
  • If your partner denies something that you know is true and would lead to gaslighting by questioning your memory and your sanity.
  • Your partner threatens to hurt your family and friends.
  • Your partner destroys your things that have value to you.


Signs that your partner physically and sexually abuses you….

  • Physical abuse is the most common sign of abuse. If your partner always hits you or hurts you in any way, then most likely you have an abusive partner.
  • Your partner forces you to have sex or do things that you don’t want to do.


If any or all of these signs were present to your current relationship maybe it’s time to seek help from your trusted connections such as your friends, family and trusted emergency hotlines, and end or leave your abusive relationship however it is important to have an escape plan when leaving your abusive partner and inform your trusted family and friends about you plan.  If you ever experience physical abuse seek immediate help by calling emergency hotlines. After you leave or end your abusive relationship seek out professional help that would help you recover and rebuild your mental health from your abusive relationship (Smith, MA & Segal, Ph.D., 2020).

Always remember that your  doesn’t deserve to receive or feel any forms of abuse. You deserve to grow and be loved in your relationship, and most importantly, you should have self-love before engaging in a relationship.





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